About Us

Let us tell you a little bit about our company.  David Hornbaker started off pumping septic tanks in 1998 just part time.  As business picked up he had quit his full time job and became a self employed septic tank pumper, servicing Franklin, Johnson, Osage, Anderson, Shawnee, Coffey, Miami and Douglas counties.  More and more customers kept inquiring where they could get a good, clean portable toilet.  After several requests David decided maybe he should start a portable toilet business.  So in 2004 David started his research, contacting toilet manufacturers about what would be needed to start a toilet rental business.  We had our first customer requesting one toilet in November of 2004, which prompted us to place an order for a six pack of toilets to be delivered.  The delivery company would not deliver these units on Thanksgiving Eve, so we went to Topeka to pick them up ourselves.  We had spent the rest of that night assembling the toilets and we set our first toilet on Thanksgiving Day 2004.

During the first year in the toilet rental business, contractors who valued me and the quality of work I have continued to provide on septic tank pumping had introduced us to several Home Builders in Kansas City and the surrounding area.   We started setting several toilets at construction sites and for weekend events.  Our name was getting out there that we have nice sanitary and clean smelling portable toilets.

Then one weekend after setting toilets at a tractor pull event in Osage City, our name had been given to a customer who was planning an event with the Kansas City Symphony in the Flint Hills.  This was going to be the first event performed in the Flint Hills with the Kansas City Symphony and was to be a first for both of us.  With our business still new we had to purchase over 100 new toilets and hand washing stations to accommodate this event.  This was a very big step for us and we were proud that we were chosen to be the toilet rental provider for this grand event.  We must have done something right because we have continued providing our services for this event each of the last four years.  We have proved that we will do what it takes to provide our toilets and hand washing stations anywhere to meet the needs of our customers.

As of March 25th, 2014 Gotta-Go, LLC only provides septic tank pumping services.